New ptc sites

Here are the ptc sites that are under 6 months old


(standard members; 4 daily advertisements + mini ads, 0.01 per click, $0.001 per referral click, 70 direct ref limit, $4 min cashout via Alertpay & Liberty reserve and Instant payments)
payment proof
Bulletbux is a new and fast growing ptc site that was launched by Jackson Frandsen on August 24, 2011. Bulletbux accepts members from all countries and has a decent referral limit for standard members of 70. Bulletbux was installed by Infinitybux's admin Charles Scoville, Frandsen paid his friend $350 Charles Scoville to build and setup bulletbux, bulletbux is also recommended by Charles Scoville.

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11.11.11 Jokabux added to 'Top Bux ptc sites' page  and ImperialGetCash added to 'Top Aurora ptc sites' page

30.10.11 New 'Free Paid to click eBooks' page. Here you can download for free costly ptc eBooks that will benefit you ptc earnings

25.8.11 'FileSonic' added to 'Other ways to earn online' page

10.8.11 'Clicksius' added to scamlist, owner has sold site to a known scammer

28.7.11 Tenadsplus removed from our list as it has become an invest to cashout site

20.7.11 Zakeyclix removed from our list as it has become a invest to cashout site

25.6.11 'Bananabux' added to scamlist, Owner has abandoned the site because he ran out of funds

29.5.11 'Bux levels' added

14.4.11 Evolutionbux & Evoptc moved to scamlist. Both sites are now offline.

2.4.11 Onbux moved to scamlist. Too many complaints and only a select few are getting paid

17.3.11 Neobux moved down ranking list as they have lowered the click rates from 0.01 to 0.001

7.3.11 moved to scamlist, site has closed abruptly

23.2.11 Xincbux moved to scamlist, site offline for more than 7 days

30.1.11 My ptc site coming 31st march sorry for the delay

30.1.11 Freedomclicks added to 'Other ptc sites' page

1.1.11 Happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19.12.10 Bux-matrix and Buxify are back online and running

18.12.10 We have decided to create our own ptc site! It will launch this month! stay tuned!

18.12.10 We have decided to remove palmbux forever because they are under Ddos attacks again, yes again

16.12.10 Bux-matrix and Buxify are offline due to Ddos attack however will return back to normal on monday

19.11.10 We've decided to remove 'Cashium' because the admin has now decided to sell the site to ifbux's owner who is still refusing to reveal his identity

11.11.10 'ptcin' has been added to 'Other ptc sites' page because it has been paying for over 6 months

11.11.10 We've decided to remove ucbux as the ad count is very low and ucbux has been offering just 1 ad for over 2 weeks

11.11.10 We've decided to remove Ienbux because now you have to invest to cashout

16.10.10 PTC members should be careful with new ptc sites such as ifbux who hide their identity, nine times out of ten these become scams

16.10.10 We have decided to remove incrasebux as  their terms are too unfair for stand members

16.5.10 EarnEasyCash added to 'other ptc sites' page.

22.04.10 omnibux is a scam, don't waste your time on this website, it has too many complaints

16.02.10 Tips section updated.

17.12.09 is a scam - same owner as (sergio paiva), members are not being paid.